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Set after the events of the base game, Geralt is offered a contract by Duchess Anna Henrietta, the ruler of Toussaint, a vassal duchy under the Nilfgaardian Empire famous for its vineyards and wine exports. Two knights of Toussaint had been murdered in strange circumstances, and Geralt is tasked with finding and killing the monster responsible.

Upon his arrival in Toussaint, Geralt investigates the murder of a third knight. With the help of Henrietta and Captain Damien de la Tour, the knight heading the investigations, Geralt discovers clues that suggests the knights were killed for violating the five virtues that all knights of Toussaint sworn by, and that a fourth knight may be in danger. Geralt and the duchess race to find the fourth knight, and Geralt arrives just in time to see the Beast killing the fourth knight, who had traveled with him to Toussaint. Geralt gives chase to the Beast, eventually cornering and battling him in a warehouse. Before either can kill the other, Regis, a higher vampire and friend of Geralt, intervenes and convinces the Beast to leave. Regis, who Geralt believed to be long dead from their past incursion, explained that the Beast is another higher vampire named Dettlaff. Regis was revived by Dettlaff after his supposed execution, resulting in the fact that Regis is bonded to Dettlaff by blood according to their vampiric code.


01. Tavern (00:00)
02. Blood And Wine (02:52)
03. Mystery (05:49)
04. Ambient (07:54)
05. I Cannot Let You Leave (09:52)
06. Fairy Tale (11:46)
07. What Lies Unseen (Alt ver) (14:03)
08. Track 08 (16:56)
09. The Musty Scent of Fresh Pâté (19:15)
10. Dialogue Theme (21:55)
11. Tesham Mutna (24:03)
12. Beauclair Castle (26:07)
13. On the Champs-Désolés (28:11)
14. Exploring The City (30:15)
15. Minors (32:42)
16. Beauclair (35:23)
17. Vivienne (38:07)
18. Diva (40:07)
19. Suspense (42:16)
20. Searching For Cecilia Bellant (44:29)
21. Wine Wars (47:15)
22. Beyond Hill And Dale... (49:28)
23. Dialogue (Alt) (52:33)
24. Detalff Destroyed (54:48)
25. Explore (56:54)
26. Investigation (59:02)
27. Guillaume Versus The Shaelmaar (01:02:09)
28. The Moon Over Mount Gorgon (01:04:04)
29. Meadows (01:06:12)
30. Living World (01:08:19)
31. Dun Tynne Battle (01:10:26)
32. Fanfares And Flowers (01:12:25)
33. Gwent (01:15:43)
34. Blood Run (01:18:46)
35. Track 35 (01:21:04)
36. Tavern (Alt) (01:24:32)
37. The Banks Of The Sansretour (01:27:05)


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