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This song was written by the Cebuano artists Kyle Miguel A. Wong and Marianne Faye. A Dungog ...they won the 2014 Vispop competition with it.

Russian singer Anna Rabtsun & American songwriter David DiMuzio's official cover of "Balay Ni Mayang

There are many great Bisaya songs ...I love Chinita, Bisan Pa, Usahay, Gugmang Gi-atay ...etc. ...there should really be more famous Bisaya songs ...I mean, why not? ...many talented musicians in the Philippines are Bisaya ...and that's their native language but they still write only Tagalog songs. If the market was bigger I'm sure they'd write Bisaya songs as well :) it's one of my new goals to help promote Bisaya songs, as well as the great songs of other dialects of the Philippines as well. I've done covers of hundreds of Tagalog songs and I love Tagalog, but I'm also excited about branching out into this new musical and cultural territory. ...I welcome you along on my quest :)

Big thanks to my duet partner in this song Anna Rabtsun for being brave enough to try singing in a new language when I suggested we cover this song. I think she did a great job!

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Anna Rabtsun:

Audio mixed by: Sumata Sounds Studio