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In today's free "famous solos" video lesson we are going to learn to play perhaps Zakk Wylde's most loved solo, the solo he did for "No More Tears".

Even though the lesson is aimed at the more experienced player, there are also some really nice sections of this solo that can be great for just about any level of guitarist to learn.

This No More Tears guitar solo lesson will take you note-for-note through the entire solo from the beautiful opening melody over the orchestra to the aggressive SRV style double-stop section and ending with the blistering pentatonics at the end.

There really are a ton of cool licks to sink your teeth into with this lesson. Because of that I think it is best to try and learn the solo phrase by phrase just as I teach it in the video lesson.

Zakk Wylde doesn't seem to really play the guitar, he literally attacks it! His aggressive approach is drenched in tons of attitude and you don't want to forget about that side of things when trying to go through this No More Tears guitar solo lesson.

Some of the licks are best learned first by watching the lesson and then actually listening to that part of the song while trying to emulate it. The double-stop section of the solo is a prime example of this.

Those double-stops can be pretty hard to memorize, but when you realize that they are just a few notes repeated with different phrasing you will grasp how to play them much faster. Listening to that section of the solo over and over again after you have learned those notes will help you assimilate everything much faster.

Also keep in mind that the tuning for this lesson is Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb. :)

Alright good luck everyone! Carl...