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You know that feeling when the summer is coming, you just want to get out there and conquer the world? AkA, 8 Kambarys and Ugne Fire did our best on this track. We shot this video in a month and a half. 9 Locations around Lithuania. Bunch of very talented people that made it possible! Much love and enjoy watching it!

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Music: Karolis Talutis (8 Kambarys)
Lyrics: Arvydas Krikscikas (AkA)
Vocals: Arvydas Krikscikas (AkA) & Ugne Valinciute(Ugne Fire)
Mastering: Karolis Talutis/Rolandas Venckys
Directed: Arvydas Krikscikas
Camera: Vilmantas Grubys/Donatas Ravaitis
Montage: Vilmantas Grubys (Gruvi Media)
Big thnaks to my big boy Ilmis Ilmito.. my boy did a great Making of video! Aciu

I wanna Bounce bounce..Dont wanna talk about it

Them nights be cold, I smell like gold !
That goes by the pound, drop it to the ground!
Are u ready for some action, baby I'm relaxing
This my city! U will love the satisfaction
Vilnius in da house, clubs are goin crazy!
Vodka and some goose, are u still feelin lazy
Top drop, we are taking the spot, I never
Hesitate when da chicks holla back!
Climb on dat pole Twisted all around, money aint a thing! Baby let me pound! You
North side boys, flat up in da sky, rock da town
Cuz we hold da crown
Everything is good! The night is going right
Bunch of chicks, move their bodies all night
Side to side! Front to back! Come here baby girl
Bounce on my lap! what

I wanna Bounce bounce..Dont wanna talk about it

Get real low! Spin it slow, pop ur ass out, oh no no
My head is spinnin, shaking da flooor. This an action movie, bang bang for dough.
And imma ride till the end. till the last freakin breath!
My city never rests, My city is the best!
Where can u find so many pretty LADIES!
Where should I sworw, My white Mercedes!
This my Hood! Them lights And Drums!
My people yealing, bring out them guns!
Everybody put their hands up! Hiii
Scream and yeal, ready to fly
could you Kill the lights, climb on top
Suck that lolli, plz don't stop
This my city! Those my friends
Fuck security, i'm drunk again!

I wanna Bounce bounce..Dont wanna talk about it

8 Kambarys! AkA! Ugne Fire! Gruvi Media! Pole Dance Vilnius! American spirit! Vale Tudo! You the best!