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Lyrics/작사: 성연 (Sungyeon), 로아 (Roa)
Composer/작곡: 성연 (Sungyeon), BUMZU, 박기태, Simon Petren, Maja Keuc, 조미쉘
Arranger/편곡: 박기태, Simon Petren

Colors :
Yellow - Nayoung
Gold - Roa
Green - Yuha
Blue - Eunwoo
Red - Rena
Pink - Kyulkyung
Orange - Yehana
Light Blue - Sungyeon
Navy - Xiyeon
Purple - Kyla

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Lyrics Credits :
Rom & Han : ilyricsbuzz
Eng : [email protected]

No copyright infringement intended.
I just made the video. Music and pictures all belongs to Pledis Entertainment.