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Following on from the unprecedented response to ‘Valentines Frenzy’, DJ Frenzy returns with an up-beat jam for your summer collection, as part of #TheDesiFrenzy series for April 2017!

Bringing together latino reggaeton vibes and fusing them with the punjabi vocals of ‘Guru Randhawa’ and ‘Noor Jehan’ - this truly is a worldwide mash-up of flavours for everyone.

“I like to add an old skool twist to the end of most of my mixes, but always prefer to leave it on a note where the listener is left wanting more… However, on this occasion, it was actually ME that was left wanting more, haha! “

“As a result, I ended up adding in the full vocals to ‘Laung Gawacha’ and creating an extended mix at the end of this mash-up. It was completely unplanned and spontaneous, but I feel that it fits in with the rest of the vibe and adds an extra element for those who perhaps prefer the old skool mixes over the newer stuff.”




Snapchat: @DesiFrenzy