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Vimalakka Song | Telangana Folk Songs| Janapada Patalu | | Telugu Folk Songs

Welcome to the Telangana TV, We just want to do our part on educating people about our Great Leaders of Telangana, Telangana

Movement, History, Politics,Culture, Tradition, Literature ,Geography, Recipesand Tourism of Telangana region .

Telangana TV is a official channel for all Tealangana Folk Songs, Telangana Porata Geethalu,Bathukamma Songs, and Janapada Songs by

well known singers. We are collecting nice folk songs on various topics to encuarage our singers.

Subscribe to Tealangana TV channel, the #1 destination for Janapada Songs and our cultural related songs for who want to know our

roots and culture. Enjoy our collection of Nice folk songs on various topics| Telangana Folk Songs | Village Songs | Telugu Folk Song | Janapada Patalu | Telangana Udyama Porata Geethalu

We will have to act NOW to make sure our children and grand children will have great future and hope that we will see a day, when we can say that “Naa Telangana, Ratnala Veena”

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