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TLC were one of the greatest girl bands to grace the planet with their talent, paving the way for many acts to follow, however TLC's uniqueness always stood out the most, with the soul raspy RnB vibes from T-Boz, combined with the quirky raps and personality of Left Eye to the sexy and sultry tones of Chilli, each member brought an individual flavour to the band, combined this, and created TLC, of which this album was their biggest selling album to date, with hit after hit and quality tracks throughout, this album shows not only TLC's personality, but their diversity and talent, showcasing truly why TLC are one of the greatest girl groups to grace the music world in my opinion.

The tracklisting is as follows :

1:37 - Creep
6:06 - Kick Your Game
10:20 - Diggin' On You
14:34 - Case of the Fake People
18:39 - CrazySexyCool Interlude
20:21 - Red Light Special
25:25 - Waterfalls
30:04 - Intermission-Lude
30:48 - Let's Do It Again
35:04 - If I Was Your Girlfriend
39:41 - Sexy Interlude
41:16 - Take Our Time
45:50 - Can I Get A Witness Interlude
48:47 - Switch
52:18 - Sumthin' Wicked This Way Comes

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