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Friends by Emil Chau (周华健 - 朋友) w/ English Translations

Lyrics (歌词):

这些年, 一个人
All these years, Alone

风也过, 雨也走
Wind has passed, Rain had gone

有过泪, 有过错
There were tears, There were wrongs

Things we hold dear, I still recall

真爱过, 才会懂
If you've had true love, then you would know

会寂寞, 会回首
There is loneliness, There are goodbyes

终有梦, 终有你, 在心中
There are dreams, There is you, in my heart

Friends walk together in this life

Those days will not return

一句话, 一辈子
One word, One lifetime

一生情, 一杯酒
A lifetime relationship, A cup of wine

With friends, you will not be lonely

Longtime friends, you'd understand

还有伤, 还有痛
There are wounds, There is pain

还要走, 还有我
Must go separate ways, There's always me

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