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Prod. Jack Marlow x MaxoKoolin
Jack Marlow:

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Pull up at the gates
yeah im coming for your heads

im the motherhecker
from the bottom of the depths

you wont ever see me
coming only feel the rumble
til I hit you with the burner
then they pull you out the rubble

think they know the story
they dont really know the plot

Im just flipping through the pages
never knowing when to stop

leave the ashes on the table
thats the only trace left
i aint got no time to lose
so i can surely make a mess

now breathe

everythings cool
dont worry about me

you do you
thats how its gonna be

city after city
but the boy dont sleep

the traveller is weary
but hes never been weak

I see the peak
but incomplete

still I press
and yes
rears its teeth

but I'll best it
til the end

in the wind

but im just breaking in

and from the beginning
I knew I'd never ever be innocent
you cant tell me any different
im a sinner til the ending
I don't really wanna hear it
I been keeping up my spirit
in my own way

looking straight down
gosh dang
its a long way

calling from the void
got you crawling down the halllway

weak inside the knees
I cant handle all the pressure

clinging for my life
cant escape the bad weather

its a feeling i
keep with me forever

sick of it all
took a road less travelled

ran into the snakes
face down hit the gravel

the venom is runnning
I guess the hunter is hunted
you pointing your finger
but ima be the judge
hit the gavel

hold a grudge
im bad at that
I dont really forget
so when it hits
it just adds to that

I keep a smile on my face
when im dead inside

only time i come alive
in the dead of night

big mood

smile at the moon

I know in the morning ima
face my doom
this states my tomb

you dont wanna see
me like this
let me take a minute
to myself cause I might

might just bend and break
any day, get the HECK
out my face

right now
isnt safe
dont give a HECK
what you say

hit the brakes
before I break
in my way

too late
two faced
no more HECKIN games