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It's hard to call Jimmie F. Rodgers (no relation to country great Jimmie Rodgers) a rock & roller, exactly, but much of the rock audience listened to him and bought his records during his late-'50s prime. With his high, sweet voice; acoustic guitar; updates of traditional folk songs; brisk tempos; and muted rock-influenced arrangements, he was a distant forefather of folk-rock. And he was briefly a superstar, landing "Honeycomb," "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine," "Oh-Oh, I'm Falling in Love Again," "Secretly," and "Are You Really Mine" in the Top Ten within about a year's span in 1957-1958. An original and ingratiating performer, Rodgers' records begin to sound like lesser repeats of themselves fairly quickly, and his minor hits are sometimes cloying in a singsong way. Rodgers had a long dry spell after 1960, but re-emerged with a couple of Top 40 hits in 1966 and 1967: "It's Over" and "Child of Clay." At the end of 1967, his career went into a final tailspin after he suffered severe head injuries in a controversial incident involving a Los Angeles police officer. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide
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