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A quick explanation–Reims (or Rheims) is a city in north-eastern France. It is also where French monarchs were traditionally crowned as is Reims is where the first King of France, Clovis I, was baptized. As for the "City of Water", 'Water' refers to the water used for the christening. (Information thanks to Malvina Lak)

Downloadable here (note that I haven't had a chance to fix the mistake yet though):

Apologies about the mistake...T.T I'm sorry, no clue how that happened. Probably idiocy on my part. Sorry. Je suis vraiment désolée, Francis!

Translated Rondo Playlist:

-Main image credits to Rosel-D on Deviantart

So I was looking for France's (gorgeous) Mawaru Chikyuu Rondo, but couldn't find the English translations anywhere. And so, I looked up the Chinese translation, and did my best to translate this song into English. Also, I would also greatly appreciate it if anyone can tell me what 1:21 is? Anyhow, here is the France version of the Mawaru Chikyuu Rondo with roughly translated English sub. Thanks and enjoy :)

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