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Here ya go
My version
The reason why its so lazy is because i lost motivation realizing how ugly my style is--
Here are the people featured
Loki - Ufohouse
Darkie - Yeagar
Rossali - Rossali
Crystal - Kittydog
Flynn - Flynnmutt
Yagi - Scotch
Jexi - jexi
Mystery - sleepykinq
Yumi - Yumai
Blacky - Zotiel

And my bby lemon as blue and pink popsicle in the middle ;;;;)))))
Credit to the original
Im going to bed
(Its 7 in the morning--)
We all know who this was inspired by ;"))))
If you dont then here she is
Inspiration: kittydog
Edit: "you copied kittydog1!!1" yeah no shit buddy. Or i can telk you, that its called "heavily inspired" you kids just automatically commenting without even doing your research. Thats just???? What???