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You see I got a new man and it's makin you pissed
Thought you were glad that it was over?
That's that shit I don't get
Cause you were actin so hard and now you cry like a bitch
Now I'mma flip the fuckin switch like
I don't fuck with YOU
I don't be catching feelings you know
You be more bipolar than anyone I ever did know
I mean for real, lay off all the pills
I think you goin crazy you must be head over heels, yeah
And everyday I wake up is the best day of my life
Knowing I escaped from you
Boy what you think I was, your wife?
When you started getting clingy is right when I said goodbye
And said hello to someone new
And now you wanna change your vibe like
Is you mad?
Hell yeah you mad
Look at what you fucking had
Guess that's really just too bad
And now I'm looking in my rearview cause your in the fuckin past
So please stop showin in my present
Is that all too much to ask?
All the schizo, the crazy, the nutso, psychotic
Ain't really doing much so you should up n quit n drop it
Yeah karma is a bitch n now she showin you about it
And in case you ever doubt it know


There's a million things on my mind
But I aint got no time
Listening to you whine and cry should be a crime
You tryna kill my shine
And I don't need to hit up MGM Casino in the D
Cause shit, without you everyday's another winning day for me
Damn your causing all this drama drama drama drama
Block you on my phone, and now I'm gettin calls all from ya mama
Guess you never know what you had til somebody else has it
He saw his chance, and he grabbed it
And really though, think you did this to yourself
Dealin with the consequences looks like you gon need some help
Yeah, get the ribbon out
Everyday's a gift, yes I'm living now
Winnin now, ain't no way in hell, you gon pin me down
And everyday you wishin
You had gon about things different
Talkin bout how much you miss it
And it's not that I am dissin
But you really need to listen
Cause you never gonna get it
So really need to quit it
Is you hatin cause I did it?
One more time, is you mad?
Hell yeah you mad
Look at what you fuckin had
Guess it's really just too bad
And I'm all about my money
While you sittin on your ass
Not to put you on blast but
Bitch I ain't fuckin with YOU


And now look at the way I'm livin
While your trippin reminiscin
I'm just chillin, sittin, sippin
With these fuckin pretty women
Almost feels as if I'm sinnin
Kickin back in true religions
And I ain't got two shits to be givin
Still stupid ass bitch I ain't fuckin with YOU