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Pokemon XYZ The Series Full English Opening 1 ''Stand Tall!'' (Remix/Extended)
Just a repetitive extended version of the new Pokemon XYZ English Intro 1 Stand Tall! Season 1!
This is for the people who wanna listen to a high quality and longer version of the song!
Official full version of Stand Tall! Will be released when the next dubbed version of the new movie comes out!
I hope you guys like it and enjoy the video!

And of course thank you for watching!
Bit Rate: 320 Kpbs
Audio Track: Stereo 44100Hz - 32-bit float
Effects used: Bassboost/8x Amplified/8,2/Amplified/7,4
Addition work: HQ Mixed By Fan00279.
Video Audio Bit Rate: 320 Kpbs
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And of course thank you for watching!

Pokemon XY XYZ XY&Z New The Series Official Full English Theme Opening Intro Song Movie 17 Movie 18 Extended Version Gotta Catch 'Em All! Be A Hero! Remix Mashup Original Music HD HQ Audio Movie Version OST Soundtrack
X&Y Stand Tall!