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This is track 8 from the 1965 album "We Are In Church".
Written by Cleve and Clay Graham

The group's beginning was in 1934, in Houston, Mississippi, when Elgie Graham and Willie Johnson formed a gospel duet. A dozen years later, in 1946, the group added new members (brother) Theophilles Graham, Monroe Hatchett and Leonard Brownlee- and the early Pilgrim Jubilees were born. This group flourished until about 1950, when the Grahams moved away to Chicago. But Elgie Graham soon revived and reorganized the group, signing on Major Roberson, Kenneth Madden and his brothers, Cleve and Clay Graham, as members.

In 1955 Elgie retired from the group, but he encouraged the other members to continue singing God's praises. Other than the 1960s departure of Kenneth Madden, and the 1970 arrival of Ben Chandler, the core group remains the same now. In addition to the four core vocalists - Major, Cleve, Clay and Ben- the Pilgrim Jubilees today include musicians' bobby McDougal (a member since the late 1960's), Michael Atkins (since the early '70s), cousin Eddie Graham (since the early 1990's) and Fred Rice (since 1995).

The early Jubes released their first recording in 1952 on the Nashboro label, receiving a fair amount of recognition. After many prayers and meditations, Major Roberson and Rufus Crume composed the gospel song Stretch Out. While singing on a program in the late 1950s in Atlanta, Ga., The Jubes were noticed by Dave Clark, who represented Peacock-Songbird Records. Clark persuaded Peacock to sign them and, with the release of Stretch Out, the group received national recognition-as well as a gold record!