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Official lyric video for Love Has A Name featuring Kim Walker-Smith from Jesus Culture's new album, Love Has A Name.
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There’s a space in every beating heart
There’s a longing that reaches past the stars
There’s an answer to every question mark
There’s a name

There’s a hope flowing through these veins
There’s a voice that echoes through the pain
There’s an ember ready for the flame
There’s a name

We will fix our eyes on the One who overcame
We will stand in awe of the One who breaks the chains

Love has a name
Love has a name

There’s a joy that triumphs over fear
There’s a laughter that wipes away all tears
There’s a presence that changes atmospheres
There’s a name

Victory has a name
Victory has a name

Joy has a name
Joy has a name

The name that’s lifted up forever
The name that shakes the earth and shakes the heavens
The hope for every heart
The Savior of the world
Jesus, Jesus

My hope has a name
Hope has a name