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Fool (If You Think It's Over)" was written by Chris Rea for his young sister who just experienced her first heartbreak. I made this video for myself, after years of happy marriage, I lost my husband, a Vietnam Veteran to terminal illness caused by exposure to Agent Orange. " all dress in black, he won't be coming back. The loss is equally heartbreaking like that when you were 17, you start again " first wound of pride" is when I go about my life as if nothing was lost,nothing taken away...". After all these years, I still choke, yes cry, sometimes when life gets overbearing, I yell out "how dare you leave me!". Fool if you think life is over after you lose someone who you thought would be there forever... and yes life begins again and one day I will meet someone who will "buy me fresh good wine and have a real good time."....The last gift I got from my husband was a Nikon dslr camera for valentines. so I ventured into photography..