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South Asian music lovers, get ready for the biggest urban desi anthem of the year. Sabih Nawab, Amar Sandhu and Pranna have released their newest single “Dance Floor.” Directed by Ogun Pleas and produced by Fob Squad, the video is filled with bottles, dance moves, beautiful women, and dark club vibes. The video was filmed in “Room Seven,” one of Chicago’s biggest nightlife spots. “Dance Floor” will take you on a journey filled with amazing music, a mesmerizing hook, and mind-bending visuals. These artists are ready to set the bar higher in the Punjabi, Hindi, and English fusion scene. “Dance Floor” aims to give viewers and listeners something new and different from your typical party songs.

Rapper: Sabih Nawab
Singer: Amar Sandhu
Engineer: Se7enPM
Director: Ogun Pleas
Executive Producer: Fob Squad
Record Label: Bloodlines Records

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Sabih Nawab: @sabihnawabofficial

Amar Sandhu: @amarsandhumusic

Pranna: @prannamusic

Fobsquad: @fobsquadofficial
Ogun Pleas: @mr2cannons
Bloodlines Records: @bloodlinesrecords

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