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Bring Me The Horizon - Avalanche (Lyrics)

Cut me open
And tell me what's inside
Diagnose me
Cos I cant keep wondering why
And no it's not a phase
Cos it happens all the time
Start over check again
Now tell me what you find
Cos I'm going out of frequency
Can anyone respond?
It's like an avalanche
I feel myself go under
The weight of it's like hands around my neck
I never stood a chance
My heart has frozen over
& I feel like I am treading on thin ice
Am I broken?
What's the chance I will survive?
Don't sugarcoat me
Cos I feel like suicide
Just give it to me straight
Cos I'm running out of time
I need an antidote, now
What can you prescribe?
(I'm going under)
I need a cure for me
Cos the square doesn't fit the circle
Give me a remedy
Cos my head wasn't wired for this world.
When it hits, well it hits like an avalanche