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From 08/22/2016 24:00, Croton Megahit will broadcast "Love O2O". For more information, you are welcome to subscribe to our YouTube channel and Facebook Fanpage:

Malaysian, Bruneian and Indonesian users can watch on Astro OTT; American, British and Australian users can watch from 8/24! Thank you for supporting the official channel!

"Love O2O" is a screen adaptation of the novel by Gu Man and produced and presented by Shanghai GCOO Entertainment Co.,Ltd.. It is directed by Hong Kongese director Lin Yu Fen, scripted by Gu Man, Good Story Inc., Ou Yang, Li Wen Ting, and acted by Zheng Shuang, Yang Yang, Mao Xiao Tong, Bai Yu, Niu Jun Feng, Zheng, Ye Cheng, Cui Hang and many more. This drama started broadcasting on Jiangsu Television and Dragon Televison on August 22, 2016.