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Jose Mari Chan is a famous Filipino singer and an excellent songwriter. He is considered as one of the most foremost popular music writers of the Philippines. His songs were very popular nowadays as it was on 1960's. His pseudonyms were Joe Mari, Mr. Music Man or the Filipino Jimmy Web. He was born on March 11, 1945 in Iloilo. His father is Antonio Chan and Florencia Chan was his mother. He studies college and graduated in Ateneo de Manila University on 1967 with a degree in Economics. He is married to Mary Ann and has five siblings. Released his first hit single, "Afterglow" in 1967. He entered the mainstream of the Philippines music industry in spite of the influence of foreign acts as the Beatles and the Beach Boys. He released his first album in 1969. For more or less than four years from 1970-1974, Jose Mari Chan was able to compose more than 20 songs for movies and earned him different recognitions and nominations at the FAMAS Awards. He stayed for more than 10 years in United States but still keep on composing songs and some of them were recorded by foreign artists.