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Welp, I'm finally back! A good while has passed since my last upload, but it was all for good reason! Between the onslaught of college projects and exams, I've been cracking away at this medley for Deltarune. 3 years ago, I released "A Tale of Man and Monster", a medley of some of my favourite tunes from the recent release, Undertale. Little did I know, the video would do extremely well and would be on track to be my first video with 1,000,000 views! With this year's Halloween gift from Toby Fox, Deltarune, I am now ready to make something bigger and better with a little help from my audience! Thank you so so much to everyone who saw my last video and sent in their wonderful voices, the collab turned out wonderfully! Without further ado, I present to you: Heroes in Spades! Hope you guys enjoy! If you did, feel free to leave a like or subscribe to the channel!

The Legend - 0:00
Rude Buster - 0:37
Scarlet Forest - 1:51
Checker Dance - 2:06
Lancer - 2:43
Darkness Falls - 3:23
Thrash Machine - 3:57
School - 4:49
Hip Shop - 5:15
Dog Check - 5:40
Field of Hopes and Dreams - 6:19
Rouxls Kaard - 6:57
Vs Susie - 7:10
Chaos King - 7:59
The Circus - 9:13
Don't Forget (Ft. BlockHeads!) - 11:04
Thank you to everyone who submitted vocals for the medley!
NoodleBot(Kris art), Anissa Hustins(Ralsei art), Sara Holmquist, Games For Days, marioluigimachinima3, Jacob The Mad Mayor, thepokenonfan/Jesse McGurty, lemolime, AndDrewAVid, NoahLee gamer, Meku Leon, madgirlmuahaha, stardustyx, TheBlueWizzrobe, Pokéball35, Hanna Williams, OsoheCastle, Señor Tubs, WatchTower, Epicodaboss, EasySanMusic, Triforce Of Woop, sakuus, RedAwsomeArcher, Derrell Nelome, Caped64, cactusmaid, P-RiSe, MegaChan, Zoroark73, Luk, Billy Sheffer, Andrew Clarke, Leaf Growth, Inky, HEHEHE I AM A SUPAHSTAR SAGA, N1ch01a5_Gamer, Jake Alexander, M'elody, Sonderaki, Flipflopnerd, EndgameNull, kevin hock, Stormister, Socordiasomnia, Dusknoir64, Dod, SlickSlack, CosplayerGoesTo..., Chase Away, Nikki of The Goodnote Guys, _.veda.b._, CreamBRabbit, TophatGeo, CarlisleConway, SpringTrapPT, Gene Yu, RobertoRK, Michelle Mott

Before you ask, yes! You may use this in your videos! Just be sure to credit via a link to my channel or this video!

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