Download MP3 for Top 50 JPOP songs Chart (September 2017) Week 3

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Welcome to the Weekly JPOP chart! Every week will be release 1 video with the top 50 songs in the Jpop world and with the news release songs of the week to keep you always tunned to what's going on on the Jpop.
Vote down below commenting your top 10 songs in the chart. The number 1 is the higher and number 10 is lowest(of points).
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1 = 50 points
2 = 45 points
3 = 40 points
4 = 35 points
5 = 30 points
6 = 25 points
7 = 20 points
8 = 15 points
9 = 10 points
10 = 5 points


1. The song must be at least of January 2017,older than this it will not be accepted.
2. The song requested must have a mv/pv,being on Youtube or in other platform on internet.

1. When a song it's out and comeback again to the chart the weeks on chart will automatically reset and start as the first week on chart.
1. If a song get 20-1 place in your first week it will be added the signal "Hot entry".
2. The song can comeback only 2 times. In the 3rd time that the song fell out of the chart will never comeback again.
3. The max stay a song can be it's 12 weeks,after the 12 weeks on chart the song will be out of the chart.