Download MP3 for Crazy In Love - Beyoncé´s song - Vintage Café Vol 8 - The New 2017 Album!

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Listen right now the next Vintage Café album, first one in 2017.
The new release presents pop hits (accurately selected under sensitive criterions) with their caracteristic good jazz, electrobossa and lounge style.
Vintage Café have collected this time versions of songs from Coldplay, Alan Parsons Project, Beyoncé, Nirvana, Adele, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Calvin Harris and The Beatles among many others.
The series that began with the worldwide success Bossa ´n Stones, continued in Vintage Café and reached its explotion with Vintage Reggae Café keeps growing.
Vintage Café went back to studios in the best moment of the project (top sales around the world, breaking records on streaming systems) and registered their best album ever.
Enjoy it and please share.