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The Saints is the fifth track off the album featuring Andy's label mates KB and Trip Lee. Let me go ahead and put this disclaimer out there and let ya'll know that this was an incredibly difficult song to put lyrics to. These dudes can really twist, but I got it done. I'm about 98.7% confident that I got all the lyrics correct, but If you notice something incorrect, then don't hesitate to let me know. God bless, and don't forget to get the entire album from iTunes or Amazon.

Andy Mineo:

I don't know, but I been told when the Saints come marchin in we roll so deep that they can't believe we sold out seats and them Cds
Please don't sleep on the beat
I beat up these
Still don't get it
Would you keep up please
We ain't no heroes for sale
If you bought one, better keep your receipts
Okay, I get it
I know what they thinkin
We some kum ba ya singin, corny Christians
Keep your disses
Buy a ticket to a concert
Pay a visit
Think it's odd?
We them blues brothers
1-1-6 on a mission from God
I don't think they get it
I really think what they gotta do is see it to believe it
I wasn't plannin on leavin em
Give me the microphone with no gimmicks
I'm really livin this
So when they commit it, I condone em but don't condemn em in it
If you ever wanna get it, well tell em to come and get it
I point em to our God and then tell em we really with Him
They thinkin that I'm trippin because I'm livin for more than just rappin
Boy that's what happens...

Oh when the Saints go marchin in
Oh when the Saints go marchin in
Oh when the Saints go
Marchin in
Saints go
Marchin in
Saints go
Marchin in
Saints go
Marchin in

Oh no
Critic go go
Them boys sold out, no promo
Said they'll give it two years. It'll cold.
But they words got ate like ocho
Imma keep it 300
Industry probably wanna see us go on
But we in it
We in it
We live it
We get it
Our God gon do what He want
We fragrant
The aroma is that our God saves
Married to the Rock and I'm faithful
Take these words Beyonce'
Don't it feel like we famous?
But the world don't know what our name is
But Heaven knows us baby
Lamb's Book of Life is that A list
So I ball
I'm so rich and I ain't talkin bout cheddar
But I bank on Christ
Go and talk to the teller
Kind of checks that I get I be cashin forever
Laugh at the Saints
How could they think on they be lackin the pay
Everything is straight
Man we ain't lack anything
Braggin in faith
Paid by the blood of the Lamb.
Debt is paid
Debt is paid


Trip Lee:
Now I don't know what you been told about us bout us
But we gon love em even though they doubt us doubt us
We just visitin like we some out of towners
Got em askin us how is this God turned yall into shouters
Like hol up
We don't really think we better
Call us perfect no never
But we glad to be called saints cause Paul called us that in them letters
We set apart for the Saviour
He's led our hearts to the maker
Forget the art that we makin if we never love our neighbors
You might catch whistlin
March in the spot just glistenin
Shinin cause we filled with Him
You might wanna listen in
Messiah came down
Man He reigned, then He rose
Yea here they go with this again
That's what makes us love our neighbors
We knockin so let us in