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Part 2 finally arrives! Thanks to all of you that have been waiting patiently, I appreciate all the likes, comments and subscriptions. This piece covers The Original Series and The Motion Picture.

This suite was one of the more difficult ones for me. On the one hand, TOS has some great and memorable themes and motifs that I really wanted to use. On the other hand, it's difficult to transition from the "tone" of that music into TMP.

While I tried to feature a lot of familar themes, there were many more I didn't include. This was meant as merely a suite that is evocative of The Original Series as a whole, rather than specific scenes or episodes. However, I do have some ideas for other suites that could feature some of the themes I left out - for example, I'm considering a Vulcan/Spock medley, which would certainly feature the famous Amok Time fight music. Similarly, the TMP Klingon theme would go into a Klingon medley. Ultimately I decided against including Animated Series music because it was non-canon, a little corny sounding, and not many good clean tracks exist.

Note to viewers: This is NOT a music video. The still image is just for something appropriate to look at, but this is primarily an audio piece.

Music From:
- Star Trek The Original Series "Main Title" by Alexander Courage
-- "The Cage/The Menagerie" by Alexander Courage (Symphonic Star Trek)
-- "Where No Man Has Gone Before" by Alexander Courage
-- "Amok Time" by Gerald Fried
-- "The Doomsday Machine" by Sol Kaplan
-- "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" by Fred Steiner
-- "By Any Other Name" by Fred Steiner
-- "Mirror, Mirror" by Fred Steiner
-- "Balance of Terror" by Fred Steiner
-- "The Corbomite Maneuver" by Fred Steiner
-- "The Empath" by George Duning

- Star Trek The Motion Picture by Jerry Goldsmith
Symphonic Star Trek (album)
Star Trek Fanfare by Alexander Courage

Suite done in Mixcraft 6.
Original Soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith, Alexander Courage, Gerald Fried, Sol Kaplan, Fred Steiner, George Duning.
No copyright infringement intended. This is just a medley made for fun.

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