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First mistake.
You're awake.
Here's what I'd suggest.
I'd advise: close your eyes.
Get some rest.
Now you're up.
Don't get up.
That was your first test.
Use your head or you're dead.
Listen, don't get stressed.
To recap: It's a trap.
Got bad news for you.
Very few make it through.
Live or Die. Choose.
I have left you clues.
Live or Die. Choose.
Which path will you use?
Live or Die. Choose.
Both ways mean you lose.
Is it clear why you're here?
Do you recognize anyone?
What they've done should be no surprise.
Just in case, hide my face.
Always in disguise.
There's no way I can pay for all my supplies.
Every plot costs a lot.
Metal scraps.
Rusty straps.
Bloody mess.
Rotting flesh to deodorize.
Made a list of each twist I must memorize.
The real crime is that I'm one of the good guys.
I'm not the Villain that most people think that I am.
I am a sick, dying man, diagnosed with a decreasing life span.
But I've learned that Life can't be taken for granted.
It must be earned, so now you must beat my game.
There's my name with the highest score.
Keep in mind you won't find these at any store.
Have thick skin? You can win.
Hope you're not too sore.
Now and then, look again.
Too hard to ignore what you say you saw, you see...
That what you see you saw was me.
You're confused?
How'd you lose?
Why'd you drop your jaw?
Lost your shot.
You forgot about Murphy's Law.
Found your tragic flaw.
If you'd slept, I'd accept it to be a draw.
Final straw.
I withdraw, but it's not what you saw.