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FARPRAS (Instrumental creator):


MORE YURI!!! ON ICE! :D :D :D *streamers everywhere*

Alright, so I gotta admit, I freakin' LOVE the music on this show! It's right up my alley in terms of musical tastes. I don't know if I'll be doing more from this show or not, but y'all could NOT stop requesting this track. It became evident early on that this was going to be a requirement lol. I enlisted the help of the amazing instrumentalist, Farpras (creator of the History Maker instrumental) , to craft a unique, yet familiar version of the King JJ Theme. He outdid himself and I can't thank him enough.

In regards to mixing and performing, this one was a bit of a challenge. A lot of layered vocals, at the top of my range consistently, and some weird lyrical phrases.

You may have noticed, I changed the lyrics of the bridge to, in my opinion, reflect Jean's character a bit more and solve the problem of an incoherent sentence, which the original translation produced.

I REALLY hope you enjoy this track, and please give some love to Farpras ♥ Stick around for more tunes very soon peeps!

Peace, love, and metal \m/

Editing, Mixing, and Vocals: Caleb Hyles
Music: "Theme of King JJ" by Tarou Umebayashi from the anime Yuri!!! on Ice