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As Jonathan Coulton wrote in his blog when he first released this song, there's something kind of sad about people who succeed so completely at becoming rich and famous that they stop existing on the same planet as the rest of us and start living in some other universe altogether. This song pokes fun at Tom Cruise for losing it publicly like he did, but it also seems to pity him a bit as well. Tom may be nuts, but he does make good action films, and it's not pleasant to see anyone go off the deep end like that.

Special thanks to my Co-Creative Director on this video, Nick Bayhi. Nick came up with most of the clever movie titles on the posters, as well as the idea for the video's ending. As Nick put it, "if he's so crazy and narcissistic, he should just marry himself". Genius!

(Note to Tom Cruise, if he's watching this -- hey Tom, we're just having fun playing with the stereotypes here. Nothing personal. No reason to get upset or sue anyone, right? So, you and me, we're still cool? Call me. :)

The song at the end of the video is "Over There", another great Jonathan Coulton song.