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I don't think it's that evident here, but I was smiling so much while singing this, which never happens. o: I'm not too familiar with Kekkai Sensen but I love this song so much. It really brings my spirits up and I hope this cover has the same effect! ;v; It may not be perfect but this was honestly the happiest I've ever felt while recording anything and it made me realize that you know, not everything you do has to be perfect. Perfection just causes more stress! ;A; As long as you're doing what you love and you're enjoying yourself that's all that really matters.

So enjoy! And thanks for listening! ;v;


"Sugar Song to Bitter Step"
From Kekkai Sensen / Blood Blockade Battlefront (Ending)

• English Lyrics: Yuki Uehara |
• Arrangement: Immanuelbear & Nagy - Immanuelbear | - Nagy |
• Art: Eugene 木又 /
• Vocals & Mix: BriCie (Me!)



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