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The fragment includes "Pie Jesu", "Panis Angelicus", "In Trutina", "The Lord's Prayer", "Jerusalem", "Ave Maria" and "Psalm 23". It was created to test the sound of this divine voice from the Net, after uploading. Initially, the idea was to encode this heavenly singing in the best possible, stellar sound. So I listened, decided that the sound's OK and was about to delete the fragment when I noticed that in less than 15 minutes it had three views and my collection had two more subscribers. If you like it, enjoy this fragment till the complete version is ready, hopefully with the pics, lyrics and full translation from Latin and Welsh. 'Cause this kid produced her first CD in three languages, Latin, English and Welsh. By the way, the second CD, "Charlotte Church" ( , with lyrics & translation was published in Italian, English, French and Welsh, and so far I counted eight languages Charlotte Church was singing in before her 15th birthday: Welsh, Latin, English, Irish, French, Italian, Spanish and German. "Voice of an Angel", the first CD recorded by Charlotte Church at 12, is exactly what the title says: absolutely perfect, delightful, heavenly singing of fabulous beauty. Attach your best sound system and enjoy. The pics show the singer at the age of 11 to 15. The last but not least, the CD booklet says: "Charlotte Church does not wear real fur".

Recorded at Brangwyn Hall, Swansea, Wales on July 12-13, 1998
& BBC Recording Studio, Cardiff, Wales on August 17-22, 1998.

Track list:
"Pie Jesu"
"Panis Angelicus"
"In Trutina"
"The Lord's Prayer"
"Ave Maria"
"Psalm 23"

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