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From AllMusic:
When Ta Mara & the Seen's self-titled debut album came out in 1985, the Minneapolis funk-rock sound was huge. Countless artists who had no connection to Minneapolis were trying to cop that sound and emulate Prince or the Time, but as a rule, the best Minneapolis grooves came from the Minneapolis artists themselves. Produced by Jesse Johnson, this LP is among the stronger Minneapolis-style funk-rock efforts that came out in 1985. Lead vocalist Ta Mara, who isn't black but sounds like she could be, showed a lot of promise on this album. The LP is best known for the infectious funk hit "Everybody Dance," but Ta Mara is also quite appealing on songs that range from the playful "Summertime Love" to the sweaty "Thinking About You" and the melancholy "Long Cold Nights." Because Ta Mara & the Seen is out of print, fans of the Minneapolis funk-rock sound are advised to grab it at once if they come across a copy.