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This is an in depth look at the highly anticipated Arousor plugin by Empirical labs. You can download and demo to try it for your self here:

For those interested here is some of the audio / video equipment that I use
Sony a6300
Canon 17-40mm
Tascam DR-70D
Rode RodeLink
Softube Console 1
TC Clarity M
IK Multimedia Micro Monitors
Audeze LCD-X
UAD-2 Octo
Kensington Trackball
Logitech Keyboard
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Special Thanks:
Orenda Velvet Wurth
Lisamarie Costabile
Jeroen Noordhuis
Mark Storm
Neal Faison
Dave Morrison
Peter Janis
Gil Griffith
Dave Derr
Martin Bak
Shane Fitzgibbon
Clint Schultz