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Here, Now, Forever" is from the album, Charm City, in stores Feb. 10th, 2017.

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Vocalist David Alexander - “’Here, Now, Forever’ emerges from the deepest depths of the minds, heart and soul of the band members. With the inspiration of flotation therapy, it is the purest and most genuine emotion the band has ever released to date. One of our favorites to play live and listen to, we hope the rest of the world feels the same and can find some sort of connection with it.”

Here, Now, Forever Lyrics

Sitting all alone on the long ride home
You were next to me, now we’re both alone
Something that was said, getting in your head
Tumbling thought now you’re crumbling under me
Bodies turn away, nothing left to say
Progress isn’t made
Hearts are far away
I can feel the pain in you drowning me
Why are you hiding all from me?
I start to think about how all I’ve ever wanted was you
And I would hold you in my arms until your heart could hear the truth
If you could be alone, you could be the one
To lie to me , don’t lie to me
My eyes will never stray
It takes two hearts to open for love but right now…it’s just me

How do I know if I still do?
How can I see?
Can you show me right now?
How do I know if I still do?
What do you see?

Floating all alone, living in my head
Wish I wouldn’t be sinking with regret
Wonder how you feel living without my love in you
Far from you
Don’t want another you
Call you up again, say what isn’t said
Energy is red
Now you’re in my head spinning in circles again and again

I start to think about how all I’ve ever wanted was the truth
And life together on the mountainside as far as I can see
If you could be alone, I could be the one
For love and wealth , to fill your lungs, to kill your thoughts and steal your heart
Truth is love holds more beauty than words could say
I needed you


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