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Lyrics By Crucifiedfan
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First verse:
That time is watching and breaking our mind just to give and be a sign,
And like munches we gon meet em and take em and lead em on their turn,
And physically we gon hip em and rip em on all wanna get hurt,
Beat em all and like motherfucker wake em rest em and look em on their worst,
And who wanna get em and make em like it on that by my verse,
It's all just very wicked and it's taking all do em in my curse,
Who wanna for bag em and begging on promise because we are all promise that we will murder em like otivated a hater,
Crackin a millimeter on all incredible panic and trick sick it would be like otivated bringing and something motherfucker very virally,
Sick on the haters make em bad with no official hope and word because this shit is like a fucking cause mothafucking zero,
Hey you will get creeping and take a trip like a something very wicked promoting and no wonder how are you sick and have you got a good behave,
Multiply chewing it like a chopping on the another level and it's do em and do em with a viper fast riper on em and kill em with fast rapper and have it

Second verse:
How come em caught up in hell and temp em on the another level and begin em,
And see how they are breaking em and have a beginning,
And frizzy something fierce it really higher on the another leveling,
And gonna wake then take em and make em all like a given it to em and so how are you wake and bake,
And you gonna break about all their show,
Will be sure if Crucified gonna might lose his control,
So if you are gonna take some a losing of selling our soul,
And you won't forgive me and come on the fast our flow,
It's not about clothes or flows or to take a phone,
Leave me alone,
Or how you hoppin the bottle and gonna smoke like a bomb,
Homies are gonna be watching when you are gonna be like a get a phone,
Talking with this bitch and I'm cause of these hoes,
I beat so Ill,
So many kill,
How could you doubt me because Ive been gone,
Hit em all with the minimum and make sick these maniac niggas cause they are like don't understood me and beat em all with the all blow and then take a reload.