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I was looking for a good video of this awesome song, but couldn't find one, so I made this. Enjoy!
PS: Watch a better version @

Wow! This video reached one million views on May 21, 2018 (less than 2 years from its upload)! I'm so surprised, thank you all, I never expected it to get that many in its lifetime!!

-This is not an official video!
-The video tries to compliment the story in the song, told from Luke Skywalker's point of view, as he meets and learns the ways of the force from the Jedi master Yoda, on the planet of Dagobah.
-Prequel scenes of Yoda were omitted because they fell outside of Luke Skywalker's scope.
-The song came out in 1985, and Luke met Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back in 1980, so it felt sensible to use the original theatrical versions for this video.
-The name Yoda is sung 43 times, and spelled once through this track.

From "Weird Al"'s 1985 album, Dare to be Stupid:
"Weird Al" released a 1981 demo of this song here:
This song is a parody of The Kinks' 1970 song, "Lola" -

From Star Wars V (The Empire Strikes Back - 1980), IV (A New Hope - 1977), & VII (The Force Awakens - 2015):

X-Wing: Sound Effects X-Wing STAR WARS -
Star Wars R2D2 Sound effects -
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